How to make the Petitfou

How to make the Petitfou

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The strategy for making petitfour by Gourmet specialist Mohamed Hamed is perhaps of the most popular fast recipe that ladies, particularly housewives, are searching for, to set up the most flavorful bits of petitfour, with speedy advances and an unmistakable way, lastly get the ideal taste at the least expenses.

Instructions to make the Petitfour by Gourmet specialist Mohamed Hamed
Culinary expert Mohamed Hamed had recently exhibited how to make the Petitfour through his YouTube direct in a smooth way and at lower costs, focusing on that the primary element is the utilization of spread, not ghee, to get the ideal surface and taste

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Elements for Petitfour by Gourmet expert Mohamed Hamed
A portion of a kilo of cold spread.

350 grams of powdered sugar.

3 and a quarter cups of white flour for desserts and prepared products.

3 eggs.

vanilla spoon.

Instructions to make the Petitfour by Gourmet specialist Mohamed Hamed
1-First, blend the spread in with the powdered sugar with an oar connection or a stand blender until the surface becomes rich.

2-Add the vanilla and eggs, each in turn.

3-Add the flour and beat with the combination until the consistency is blended.

4-Put the batter in a baked good pack.

5-Carry a baking sheet with spread paper, and structure petitfour on it.

6-Put the petitfour saj in a hot broiler at 190 degrees, until cooked.

7-Enhancement with chocolate or cream and jam.

Step by step instructions to make a kilo of petitfour with one egg

3 and a half cups of flour

250gm delicate spread

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 egg


3/4 cup powdered sugar

3 tablespoons milk

2 tablespoons cocoa

2 tablespoons milk

Jam and liquefied chocolate for filling

Pharmasil and dissolved chocolate for adornment

The most effective method to make a kilo of petitfour with one egg
First and foremost, beat the spread in the blender, with the sugar, egg and vanilla.

Continue to blend to get a smooth consistency.

Add flour and baking powder to the past combination, while proceeding to blend.

Add milk, and mix all combination.

On the opposite side, blend cocoa in with milk, and add it to part of the hand crafted combination

Structure the petifor in a plate and put it in the broiler until completely cooked.

Leave the petifor after development, to chill and quiet off, enrich and serve.

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