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How to make pizza pan in 10 minutes

How to make pizza pan in 10 minutes

How to make a bowl pizza, it is known that pizza takes a long time to prepare, but in this article we will prepare a pizza for you in just less than 10 minutes.

Ingredients for making pizza pan
⦁ a large cup of white flour
⦁ 1 small spoonful of baking powder
⦁ Half a cup of yogurt
⦁ 1 large cup of homemade pizza sauce
⦁ cup large green pepper, chopped.
⦁ large cup of mushrooms.
⦁ ½ cup large black olives (cut into rings)
⦁ sausage (to taste)
⦁ cup of mozzarella cheese (grated) or cheddar cheese
⦁ One teaspoon of fine thyme.
⦁ one tablespoon of oil
⦁ salt (to taste)

Pizza sauce ingredients

⦁ tablespoon of olive oil.
⦁ Half a large cup of ketchup.
⦁ big spoonful of sauce
⦁ A fine garlic clove.
⦁ A little salt and pepper.
⦁ teaspoon of thyme.

Steps to prepare the pizza dough bowl

⦁ We bring a large bowl and put the flour, salt and baking powder in it, then we stir them manually or through the electric mixer.
⦁ Then we add the yogurt to the flour, then we put the oil, then we stir them well until the dough holds together.

Steps for preparing pizza salad

⦁ We bring a small saucepan and put olive oil, ketchup, half a small spoonful of garlic powder, a spoonful of sauce and a pinch of salt, and add fine pepper, then we stir them well over a low heat.
⦁ Then we put a little water, stir them well and leave it on the fire for 5: 6 minutes only, until this mixture is poured, and it is ready to use.
⦁ Then we bring the pizza bowl and put it on a quiet fire, the bowl must be hot before starting the query, after the bowl gets hot, we put a sprinkle of flour, then we put the dough and we raise the bowl from the fire and we spread the dough.
⦁ We bring a small fork to make air holes inside the dough, then put pizza sauce on the dough, then put rings of green and yellow peppers as desired, as we put black olives and sausage.
⦁ We put the bowl back on the fire and cover it and three minutes before turning off the fire we put the cheese, we remove it from the fire and we are happy and healed.

comments (3)
سهام حسن

2022-03-22 23:46:08

وصفه رائعه جدا

2022-07-27 11:35:36

صلوا على رسول الله 💛🧡

2022-10-26 22:19:29

صراحة من أجمل الوصفات 👏❤️
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