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Quick and economical ways to prepare all kinds of cakes and petit fours

Quick and economical ways to prepare all kinds of cakes and petit fours

Quick and easy way to prepare sweets

We like to eat sweets in the morning or in the evening, and the mother is interested in preparing sweets if she has children, but she tries to choose sweets that are easy and quick to prepare, and at the same time they are economical so as not to be a burden on the home budget,

Today, with the advent of winter and the continuation of the school year, we offer ways to prepare some sweets to present on your trip and make family members happy.

Introducing easy and quick desserts preparation methods:-

How to prepare cold Nescafe cake:-


Two tablespoons of sugar, one cup of milk, one teaspoon of cocoa, three teaspoons of Nescafe, four whipped Dream Whip sachets topped with one teaspoon of Nescafe, three pacos of tea biscuits.

How to prepare:-

Put the Nescafe on three tablespoons of milk, stir the mixture, dip the biscuits in it and stack it with Pyrex, put the milk on the Dream Web with the addition of Nescafe, and beat to get the cream, add sugar and cocoa, put the cream on the biscuits and repeat the process until the amount of biscuits ends, and the Pyrex is placed in the refrigerator, and served cold .

How to prepare Petit Four with Nutella:-


Two tablespoons of raw cocoa, a box of Nutella, a teaspoon of vanilla, seven cups of flour, an egg, a cup and a half of powdered sugar, 600 grams of butter.

How to prepare:-

Beat the butter with the electric beater to become white in color, add to it the sifted powdered sugar, and the continuous whisking is done, and the egg is beaten with the vanilla in a dish, then placed on the butter and sugar, and the beating continues with the paddle.

Gradually add the sifted flour and knead it by hand in one direction to retain the air. Divide the dough into two halves and add cocoa to the half after sifting it.

The dough is placed in a petit four machine, cut into trays, and entered in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius, and left until it is done, and after the petit has cooled immediately, one white and one with cocoa are pasted using Nutella.

Economical cheesecake:-


To decorate: Three quarters of a cup of hot water, a cherry jelly can.

  1. For the first layer: - Half a cup of liquid butter, four Baku Ulker biscuits.

  2. For the second layer: - a sprinkle of vanilla, half a cup of sugar, six tablespoons of semolina, four cubes of Kiri cheese, four tablespoons of starch.

Setup method:-

First, the biscuits are broken and chopped into granules, mixed with butter and placed in the bottom of the tray, and the tray is placed in the refrigerator.

Put starch with semolina and sugar in a pot, add milk to them and after good stirring, raise the pot over the fire with stirring until it boils.

Place the cheese and vanilla on the previous mixture with stirring so that the cheese mixes with the ingredients, and the entire amount is placed on the biscuit, and we enter the tray in the refrigerator.

Prepare the jelly by adding it to the hot water and placing it slowly on the face of the tray. The tray is placed in the refrigerator to hold the ingredients together. It is served cold and here.

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2022-07-29 06:24:14

صلوا على رسول الله 💛🧡

2022-08-09 22:23:52

اللهم صلِ وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد
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